A one-stop shop aiming to encourage small business start-ups in the creative media sector is being developed by a new Creative Industries Development Manager.


Until now, talented locals have had little option but to relocate to London and other large cities to make money from their creative ideas. But Dr Salinder Supri and his project team at the University of Lincoln can now offer real help to get them started.


The team has received cash from the university and the European Regional Development Fund to help establish arts and media businesses in the cultural quarter of Hull’s Old Town.


“We have a large number of people in Hull with artistic ability who take their talents elsewhere, or fail to establish themselves, simply because of the lack of support to get started,” said Dr Supri.


“Similarly, many graduates from the university’s Faculty of Arts and Technology are offered commissions, but move to other regions. We are hoping to stem this loss of creative skill from Hull by offering practical help to local residents and graduates wishing to set up business in the creative industries”.


The Creative Industries Project can offer advice and support, and can arrange access to facilities, equipment and managed work spaces. It will assist in clustering these small businesses together around the Old Town to help them thrive and attract both tourists and local people.


Similar strategies in other cities, including Manchester and Sheffield, have been successful in fostering employment and regenerating the local economy.


The Hull Creative Industries Project is working closely with Hill CityVision and other support providers as part of overall plans for Hull’s social and economic regeneration, and its development as a cultural centre.