August 2000



Reduction of burglaries of students in private rented accommodation is the objective of an initiative in Hull being led by the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside. 


Students in private rented accommodation are a prime target for burglary and attract thieves to areas with the consequence that other members of the community can also become victims. 


Returning students are to be sent information to their homes outlining the crime prevention measures they should expect in their rented accommodation and advice on good practice in their own lifestyles. 


“The university wants to reassure students’ parents that we are doing all we can to ensure students safety both on and off-campus,” said George Clark, Business Development Manager for the Faculty of Arts & Technology.


Humberside Police can be called upon to inspect premises and give advice to students on crime prevention measures.  Insurance companies will give reduced premiums to students in premises that are accredited as meeting recommended standards. 


“The University of Lincolnshire & Humberside is looking to upgrade premises to the specified standards by offering free installation of crime prevention measures in order that they may be accredited,” he added.


The initiative is seen as a long term programme making Hull a safer more attractive City for students and other residents.  The scheme has the support of Hull City Council, both universities; the landlords and Humberside Police.




For further information please contact George Clark on 01482 440550.


Press Officer Sam Hendley. Tel: 01522 886042