27th July 2000




Psychologists from all over the world will be in Lincoln this weekend to discuss spaces and the language we use to describe them.


The ‘Mental Representation of Space and Language’ workshop to take place at the Lincoln campus of the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside is described as the key international workshop on this area of study.


Fifteen academics from the United States, Africa and Europe will visit the university on Sunday and Monday for the event.


“The workshop will look into how we understand the spatial layout of things and how we use language to describe those understandings,” said Jon Slack, head of Psychology at the university.


“This is important because we often have to describe spatial layouts to each other, and computers are often used to help us to do this.”


The workshop is the first in a series of seven. The next event will be held in July 2001 at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana.


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