27th July 2000




A tourism graduate from Portsmouth has landed her dream job - working for the British Tourist Authority in New York.


Lisa Helsby (22), from Sunningdale Road, Portsmouth, graduated in International Tourism at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside last year and now promotes Britain as a holiday destination to the Canadian market.


“As a travel consultant for the Canadian market  I receive calls from Canadians wishing to visit Britain and answer their enquiries about holidaying in our country,” says Lisa, who studied at the university’s Lincoln campus.


“I like to think that that we are marketing the country as a tourist product - and it’s our job to get people out of London in order to spread tourism around the country.”


Studying at the new Lincoln campus in the shadow of the Gothic cathedral was an enjoyable experience for Lisa - but the location of her new workplace is equally impressive! “Our office is located on Fifth Avenue, three blocks up from the Empire State building, so its pretty mind-blowing!” she says.


“I loved my time at Lincoln.  It's such a unique city with its mix of historic sights and the state-of-the-art university.  I saw the city change so much in the three years I was there, and to be part of the development of the city and the university was great.  The location was second to none.”


Lisa says her studies at the university have helped in her work - particularly the research studies and the exchange which she undertook in Australia. “The mix of individual work and group work at ULH has helped me a great deal,” says Lisa. “The research skills that I developed, especially through working on my dissertation, have helped me to be able to research  the information I need.


“And the exchange to Australia in 1997 provided me with extensive travelling experience, so I can often put myself in the Canadian visitors’ shoes and draw on my own experiences.


“Everyone in the university was fantastic, especially the staff in the Tourism Department. Richard Voase was a great strength when I was writing my dissertation.  He was so helpful, and his knowledge was invaluable.”


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Lisa is thoroughly enjoying her stay in the Big Apple, but she is already beginning to get itchy feet. “New York is a very exciting city and I am aiming to stay here for at least a year. But I am hoping that I will soon progress either in New York or elsewhere, as the BTA has offices in most major cities - Johannesburg,

Sydney, Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles, Singapore to name but a few.


“I would love to work with the Australian market as I am very fond of the

country and its people, and I would also like to get into marketing Britain

to backpackers and young people.  However, I’m just going to just enjoy my time

here in New York as it’s an experience that’s not open to everybody.”



     Lisa often finds that Canadians ask unusual questions. Here’s a short selection...


·     Is it true that all the electricity gets turned off in England after 10pm?

·     On what day do the British celebrate Christmas?

·     What colour are British leaves in autumn?

·     Do I have to sail from England to Scotland?

·     Is there are bridge from Wales to Ireland?



We are endeavouring to source a photo of Lisa on location - please ask.


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