24th July 2000




A trip in a Sea Cat helicopter to talk to Navy personnel on HMS Norfolk is just one of graduate Jean Taylor’s favourite moments in her job with the Ministry of Defence.


American-born Jean, a University of Lincolnshire & Humberside graduate, works with the career transition partnership to prepare personnel for when they return to civilian life.


“I love my job - I’m having a blast!” said Jean, 44, from Ripon Street, Lincoln. “The hardest part for service leavers is to go from a very secure and structured life into what is a completely alien environment. We help them develop the skills they’ll need for life out there.”


After graduating with a Masters in Business Administration Jean became a part-time lecturer at the university where she helped her students with their key skills - interview technique and writing a curriculum vitae.


She has maintained her links with the university and now sends some of her clients to the Lincoln campus to improve their academic qualifications.


“Many service leavers need their qualifications updating to get into the kind of civilian jobs they want to do. I’ve sent several up to Lincoln because it’s a great place to get a degree and I’d recommend it to anyone,” she added.


Jean trains all levels of service personnel from all sections of the Armed Forces and has been sent to some top secret locations around the country.


“Flying in a helicopter to give a talk in the middle of the Irish Sea has been the highlight so far, but there have been some other exciting assignments which I can’t possibly divulge!” said Jean, who has three children aged 25, 16 and 15.




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