21st June 2000




Three generations of the same family are being sought by a University of Lincolnshire & Humberside student who is investigating current and past perceptions of the role of women.


Chessie Volland, 39, wants to interview the grandmother, mother and daughter in Lincolnshire families who are willing to talk about their experiences growing up, their aspirations and whether they took up traditional women’s roles.


“I would like to speak to as many families as possible where there are three female generations so I can compare their attitudes towards life past and present, and the aspirations the younger generations have for their own daughters,” said Chessie, from Folkingham, near Sleaford.


Chessie will use the interviews in the dissertation for her BA (Hons) Psychology degree but all participants will remain anonymous.


“All of us when we’re growing up have ideas about what we would like to happen in our lives and its interesting to see how, with women in particular, these aspirations are or are not achieved.”


A pilot project was very successful and Chessie is hoping that 10 families will come forward to help with her research. She is keen to speak to the women in their own homes so the participants can be surrounded by their memories.


“I am prepared to travel across the county to see these families, distance is no object,” said Chessie.


To take part in the project call Chessie on 01529 497347.




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