Computer analyst Felix Gonzales found personality clashes gave him more trouble than surviving the adverse conditions when he travelled to the Azores to take part in the BBC production ‘Bare Necessities’.


Felix, 27, joined a team of computer experts put to the test against a team of bricklayers to see how they would rise to the challenge of surviving in the jungle with no food or shelter.


As a member of the winning team which successfully completed a series of challenges, which were filmed by a BBC crew, he spent a night in the extravagant luxury of the Azores’ Lapa Palace Hotel when the adventure was over.


One of the challenges was to pass 10 eggs across a ravine and another was to prepare a duck for eating - from scratch.


 “It was a great experience - we adapted quite well to the difficult conditions and our surroundings were just breathtaking,” said Felix.


The teams only found out where they were going when they arrived at their destination - a partly inhabited island hundreds of miles from the African coast.


“We did work well as a team but there were a few problems all the same - more to do with personality clashes than anything else really!” said Felix. “It was strange at first to have the film crew there but we soon forgot about them.”