21st June 2000




A category for the labourer who had ‘placed out the greatest number of children without parochial relief’ was just one of the bizarre prizes awarded in the early days of the Lincolnshire Show which is now part of a major research project.


University of Lincolnshire & Humberside history lecturer Dr Andrew Walker wants to talk to local people who can remember visiting the show before the Second World War.


For the first 90 years, the Lincolnshire Show was held at a variety of locations around the county - Grimsby, Sleaford, Brigg and Grantham were regular hosts.


Prizes at the show were awarded to people as well as animals and vegetables. “To our eyes, prizes at the showground were awarded in fairly bizarre categories,” said Dr Walker. “The human prizewinners were regularly listed alongside the prize livestock in the local papers!”


Most of Dr Walker’s research has so far been completed by looking through newspaper reports, old catalogues and papers held in the Lincolnshire archives.


“I’m interested mainly in the social and cultural side of the show and how it developed during the early days, but I would like to talk to anyone who visited the show before the war to add their recollections to my research,” he added.


Anyone with memories of the early show can contact Dr Walker on 01522 882000.




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