19th June 2000




A company jointly owned by the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside and Feedback PLC is launching a children’s CD-ROM to raise awareness of  the latest communications technology.


Hessle firm TekniCAL was created to develop education and learning packages using information technology and is responsible for the university’s pioneering ‘virtual campus’ which delivers information to students via the Internet.


ULH Vice Chancellor Prof Roger King will attend a launch of this latest learning innovation, ‘Telestory’, which will be distributed by TekniCAL to all primary schools in the region and nationally to 7,000 primary schools by NTO Telecom. 


The CD-ROM uses animated images to explain to children the various aspects of the telecommunications industry, from the latest mobile phone technology to how a traditional telephone works.


This interactive learning package, which is backed by government funding and local sponsorship, was produced by TekinCAL for the telecommunications industry National Training Organisation, NTO Telecom.


Most of the information on the CD-ROM is portrayed using sound and pictures rather than text and the package is centred on an animated character which guides the child - a mobile phone with arms and legs and a smiley face.


NTO telecom needed the package to raise awareness in primary, secondary and further education and commissioned TekniCAL to produce the first stage of this training, a 45-60 minute computer-based interactive training package for seven to 11 year-olds.


The TekniCAL launch will take place on 12th July at 2pm at the company’s offices: Westcott House, Hesslewood Country Business Park, Ferriby Road, Hessle.


Photographers are welcome to attend, please call the person named below to confirm.




Press Officer Sam Hendley. Tel: 01522 886042.