4th May 2000




New Zealander Pamela Blackman has returned to the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside as a Director of Continuing Professional Development and Education, after six years away in Leeds and London.


As a senior lecturer in Social Work at ULH until 1994, Pamela was based at the Inglemire campus in Hull. In her new role she will be working with colleagues in the Faculty of Social & Life Sciences.


Pamela’s specialism is mental health, and before joining ULH on Tuesday (2nd May 2000) she was the national lead for mental health for the Training Organisation for Social Care (TOPSS) in London.


In that role she wrote ‘Modernising the Social Care Workforce’, the national training strategy for the social care workforce working in mental health. She retains membership of the ministerial working group whose job it is to improve the skills of this workforce.


In her new job Pamela will be working with all departments in the Faculty of Social & Life Sciences in Lincoln and Hull. Her first job will be to develop a strategic plan for continuing professional development and education for the faculty. This task will entail understanding current activities in the region and nationally, and providing future direction.


“I am very excited about working at the new Lincoln campus,” said Pamela, who lives in Beverley near Hull. “I left the university six years ago, but it just goes to show that people do return, and I’m looking forward to getting on with this new challenge.”


Part of her new challenge will be to work closely with university staff in developing their capability to deliver the new government agenda of lifelong learning and continuing professional development across all areas of industry.


“It is now important that continuing professional development is viewed as core business for the university,” she added.




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