10th April 2000


A Statement


Ref: NATFHE press release ‘University teaching union launches quality audit’ dated 6th April 2000


Quotes may be attributed to Derek Crothall, Pro Vice Chancellor

The trades union’s portrayal of the issues is long on rhetoric but in reality is a travesty and bears no relation to the true facts. Many of the assertions made by NATFHE are generalised, patently untrue and lacking substance or evidence.


We are not in the least concerned about NATFHE’s plans for a survey of teaching and working conditions at the university because we are confident that the university is working well within sector norms.


Our concern is that there does seem to be a small section of staff at the university who are seeking more privileged conditions than those enjoyed by their colleagues in the rest of the institution.


Our evidence indicates that workloads in the Hull Business School are well below national contractual hours and union-agreed norms.


The claim that some staff turnover at the Lincoln campus is in some way related to

their demands is false, and the link they make is a dishonest attempt to give some credence to their demands.

Derek Crothall

Pro Vice Chancellor

University of Lincolnshire & Humberside


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