13th April 2000




A new book thought to be the only publication specifically to focus on how social workers can improve their decision-making when helping people of all ages is selling well at home and abroad.


Terence O’Sullivan is a senior lecturer in Social Work at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.  His book, ‘Decision Making in Social Work’, the result of five years of research, is believed to be the only one of its kind.


Available internationally, the book has been snapped up by student social workers in Britain, Japan and Australia.  It provides a framework for making the decisions that social workers must negotiate every day of their working lives.


“Social workers are often criticised for making mistakes and this book will reduce the likelihood of such errors being made in future.  Social workers have to take many difficult decisions and they also have to work with clients who are faced with decisions themselves,” said Mr O’Sullivan, who has worked at the university since 1984.


“It’s about how best to resolve these situations by involving clients as much as possible in the making of decisions. There are many uncertainties in social work and this book gives advice on how to handle them.”


In his book Mr O’Sullivan considers the position of all kinds of people who use the care system, such as children who may be living in residential care, parents facing problems or older people coming out of hospital who face a decision whether to return home or move into supervised care.


The book provides a guide for both social work students and experienced professionals involved in decision making on a day-to-day basis.


Several specialist books provide an insight into different aspects of the decision- making process, but this is thought to be the first to take an in-depth look into how decisions can be more effective in all aspects of social work.


The book is priced £13.50 and can be ordered through most good bookshops.



Sam Hendley

Press Officer. Tel: 01522 886042