1st March 2000




A project to get children and parents working together for a brighter future is about to move on to another school in Hull, and project leaders have gone to Portugal to share the success of the scheme with European partners.


More than half of the parents who joined the ‘Learning to Learn’ course at Estcourt Primary School last year - run as part of the Parents and Children Working Together Project - are now going on to further education, including computer and  book-keeping courses.


The next stage for project officer Kay Jarvis, from the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside, is to begin another course next week at Endike Primary School and tobegin work on a training module that will enable the course’s ‘graduates’ to support other parents on the IT-based programme.


Kay’s colleagues Don Blackburn and Christine Sutcliffe are currently in Portugal to set up the programme there and report on their findings so far. The scheme has become part of the Leonardo Project involving four countries: the UK, Ireland, France and Portugal.


‘Learning to Learn’ is part of a Department of Social Science and Social Work research project and examines learning processes and helps parents to identify and understand their own preferred way of learning.


 “Once their confidence in education is restored these parents realise they can achieve, so it can be a springboard to improving their own aspirations,” said Kay. “They will then support and encourage their own children throughout their time in school.”


Out of the 14 participants at Estcourt, three have signed up for a CLAIT word-processing course, two have enrolled on IT courses run by the IT in the Community scheme and one is going on to do book-keeping.


Seven are now participating in the development of the course and intend to become trainers themselves.


For more information on the project ring Kay Jarvis on 01482 464418.