7th March 2000


Island Wharf


A statement from the University of

Lincolnshire & Humberside

Ref: statement issued by Cllrs Inglis and Hale, 6th March 2000


The following quotes may be attributed to a spokesman for the university:


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The University of Lincolnshire & Humberside was unaware of any such meeting on Monday 6th March to discuss councillors' concerns.


The university is in ongoing discussions with Kingston-upon-Hull City Council to ensure that a proper process of consultation takes place with all interested parties.


It is expected that this will include discussions with local residents.


The university is committed to ensuring that the regeneration of  Island Wharf provides a landmark development of which the city and local residents can be proud.


An important aspect of this approach will be the sensitive handling of key issues such as accommodation, design, leisure facilities and public access.


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