15th March 2000




Students from the Museum and Exhibition Design course at the Hull School of Architecture have given the Harlow Carr Museum of Gardening in Harrogate a make-over.


Six undergraduates went on a two-day field trip to design an exhibition themed around the development of allotments using two of the museum’s large display cases.


The students were given a behind-the-scenes look at how a small independent museum works and learned about the history of the Harlow Carr as well as conservation, storage, research, display and how artefacts are obtained and catalogued.


“The students spent the first day deciding which artefacts to use, researching the history of allotments and organising themselves into teams to research the subject, create graphics and labels and put the exhibition together,” commented Pam Locker, a lecturer in Museum and Exhibition Design at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


“As promised, they produced an attractive exhibition on time and to budget!”


Deirdre Walton, education officer and acting curator at the museum, was delighted with the result and amazed at how efficiently the make-over had all been completed.


“It’s like a museum version of ‘Changing Rooms’!” she exclaimed. “One day there was nothing and the next day we had an exhibition!”


Ms Walton added that the exhibition had been well received by visitors and that the museum would welcome students from Hull for future projects.


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