3rd March 2000




A Lincoln student is off to Peru in the summer to be part of a team going on an expedition to map large areas of the jungle.


Using the latest satellite navigation equipment, Leanne Rudd from the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside, and fellow members of the Officers’ Training Corps, will head out into the rainforest to chart previously unmapped territory.


With nothing but a rucksack, Leanne will spend eight weeks trekking over some of the most perilous terrain in the world - but first she needs to raise £1,500 to get her there.


The 19-year-old Media Production and Communications student from Normanby-by-Spital joined the OTC, part of the Territorial Army, when she came to the university in 1998. She spends weekends and evenings training with them, although she no longer plans to join the army when she graduates.


The exploration into the unknown will take up half of the trip to Peru and is likely to be very hard going. “We’re starting a fitness regime to ensure we’re ready physically for it but we’ve been told it will take its toll on us in other ways,” said Leanne, who lives in student accommodation on Kesteven Street in Lincoln.


When they complete their task the team will have a few days off exploring Lima, the capital of Peru before heading off on the Inca Trail where they will have access to parts of the route not normally open to tourists.


In Peru the latest maps have all the major cities and towns but vast areas of jungle have never been charted. “It’s going to be an amazing experience but we’ll have to be ready for anything,” said Leanne.


All of the group are from universities in the east midlands and the trip is student-led. Leanne has less time to fund-raise for the trip than the other 13 members as she was on the reserve list and only found out she was going this week.


To make a donation to Leanne, call her on 0802 715769.