8th February 2000




Women students at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside are to be given self-defence training and advice on protecting themselves against rape.


The Students’ Union at the Lincoln campus is to team up with Lincolnshire Police to provide a series of workshops starting this month. aimed at increasing students’ awareness of personal safety issues.


“We decided to start with a practical self-defence workshop because a lot of female students come away from home for the first time and need to know how to protect themselves,” said Jodi Williams, women’s officer at the Students’ Union.


“Lincoln is a very safe place to live and study, but  wherever you go to university you will find some students experiencing certain problems.


“The workshops will look at self-defence, victim support, date rape and the use of drugs in offences against the person,” said Jodi. “In the future we hope to look at other issues affecting women students such as abortion, contraception and careers.”


Pc Mick Wall of Lincolnshire Police, who already visits the campus once a week to provide support and advice to students at the university, is helping to co-ordinate the workshops.


“The aims of the self-defence presentations are to reassure the students, to make them more competent in assessing any risk to which they may be exposed and to help them to respond correctly to any situation they may find themselves in,” he explained.


The majority of the sessions will take place on campus while the self-defence workshop will be held in the gymnasium at Lincoln Police Station. The first workshop will be held  on 17th February 2000.


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