28th February 2000




A new initiative to give apprentices and trainees a chance to improve and develop skills that will help them at work has been launched at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


Six staff from Kingston Communications and two from the Defence School of Transport at Leconfield are being trained to assess their Modern Apprentices and trainees who are studying for NVQs.


Along with almost 2,500 other assessors in the industry, these staff are responsible for training and development of both their trainees’ technical ability and these key skills, which include communication and problem solving.


These assessors will take the Certificate in Key Skills and will then pass on their knowledge to the trainees who will include the module in their NVQ studies.


A survey revealed that though they were very capable of assessing the technical aspect, many were less familiar with the standards for Key Skills.


“As a result, staff from the Centre for Access and Lifelong Learning, together with the National Training Organisation for Telecommunications, have developed a series of workshops to explore Key Skills and share expertise,” said co-ordinator Dina Lewis, from the Centre for Access and Lifelong Learning (CALL).


“The trainees now have a better understanding of the issues involved, and have found it really helpful,” she added.