14th February 2000




Three unusual films will be on show at Hull Screen on Thursday (17th February) as part of the ‘Places & Spaces’ season.


‘Seven Days’, ‘Winter Wheat’ and ‘Back and Forth’ are three short films being screened in collaboration with the Hull School of Art & Design (part of the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside).


‘Seven Days’ (Dir: Chris Welby, GB, 1974, 20’) is a time lapse film shot in the mountains of south-west Wales using an astronomical instrument which moves in alignment with the rotation of the earth.


‘Winter Wheat’ (Dir: Mark Street, USA, 1989, 10’) concerns farming and is an educational film which has been bleached and physically affected to produce hypnotic visuals.


The third film on show is ‘Back and Forth’ (Dir: Michael Snow, Can, 1969, 52’) - “a film set in a classroom concerning perception, materiality and its trscendence”.


The showings will begin at Hull Screen in Albion Street at 7.30pm on Thursday 17th February.


The ‘Places & Spaces’ season continues on Thursday evenings until and including 9th March 2000.


For more details about the season contact Hull Screen on 01482 327600.


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