25th January 2000




A flagship project to help prepare for a £50 million bid for the regeneration of a Hull estate is working with the Hull School of Architecture to come up with community-friendly designs.


The scheme is one of 17 pathfinder projects launched by the government with the aim of improving areas of social deprivation and putting local communities firmly in charge of deciding their future development.


The cash will come from the government’s New Deal for Communities budget.


If the bid succeeds, the Preston Road estate will spend the money over 10 years to improve its housing, education, health, employment and environment.


Last Thursday (20th January) staff and students from the School of Architecture held an exhibition at the Preston Road Regeneration Centre to pass on their ideas of what the estate could look like if the bid is successful.


Residents have had the chance to express their views on specially co-ordinated citizens’ juries. “We have enjoyed working with the juries, and we have been able to help local people visualise their ideas for the area,” said Derek Cottrell, Head of Architecture at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


“The area has tremendous potential and with a clear vision it can be transformed.”


The estate has attracted many prominent visitors including Tony Blair and leading architect Lord Rogers, and it lies within John Prescott’s parliamentary constituency.