11th November 1999




A touring exhibition put together for the Royal Institute of British Architects by postgraduate students from the Hull School of Architecture is about to move to Leeds.


University of Lincolnshire & Humberside students Robert Hutchinson, Steven Bowers and Francesco Pacitto prepared an exhibition looking at British housing throughout the 20th century for the RIBA Architectural Centre in London.


'A Century of British Housing', sponsored by the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside and English Heritage, was shown in London in May and June and is now on a tour of venues across the country.


This Saturday (13th November) it will leave the Workstation in Sheffield and will move to the Architecture Centre in Woodhouse Square, Leeds, for a three-week exhibition.


The display is supported by 'The RIBA Book of 20th Century British Housing', a publication by the university's architecture professor Ian Colquhoun.


“This is the first housing exhibition to emphasise the superb achievement of the last 20 years in regenerating Britain’s problem estates,” said Prof Colquhoun. “In this and in so many areas of housing Britain leads the world, as it has done for the most of the century.”


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