2nd November 1999




A celebration of Hispanic culture at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside begins with a talk on Christopher Colombus begins tomorrow (Wednesday).


Many students from Spain and Latin America have been made welcome at the Lincoln campus and the public events over the next few weeks will reflect that international flavour.


The autumn programme, organised by languages lecturer Andy Daglish, includes a winter salsa event, Hispanic films, music from Brazil and a Spanish day.


Tomorrow (Wednesday) Mr Daglish will give a talk on the other interpretations of Christopher Columbus as the ‘great discoverer’ and the folklore surrounding him.


Colombus is often seen as a man devoted to the search for greater knowledge and understanding, and Mr Daglish will examine why this is still accepted by modern society despite what is also known about his life.


The talk will take place in the Co-op Lecture Theatre at 7.30pm tomorrow and the public are welcome to attend.


Next Wednesday (10th November) the Lincoln campus will host a Spanish day for Spanish GCSE and A-level students, and at 7.30pm Mike Gonzalez from Glasgow University will give a talk on Castro’s Cuba.


In response to the success of a similar event earlier this year, a winter salsa evening with bar extension and food will be held on Saturday 13th November. The director of a Brazilian centre at King’s College, London will discuss and play the rich and various types of music from Brazil on Friday, 3rd December.




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