3rd September 1999





An academic from Pennsylvania has joined the committee of the Lincoln branch of the Institute of Management.


Jean Taylor (43) has been appointed as the Young Manager / Women in Management Officer for the Lincoln branch, whose aim is to keep managers up-to-date on local and national issues and to provide them with a comprehensive support service.


Jean came to England from Philadelphia in 1990 and worked for six years for Cambridgeshire County Council before moving to Lincoln in 1996 to study for an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in management at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


She now fits studying for her PhD at the university around working for projects such as LEAP (Lincolnshire Education and Accommodation Project), Lincolnshire National Wildcats Basketball Association, the Nomad Trust and the Ancaster Day Centre.


Jeanís work for the Institute of Management will include recruiting and mentoring new young managers, providing careers and CV advice and helping them to utilise the services of the institute nationally.


ďItís a brilliant job but it will be a big challenge,Ē said Jean. ďAt the moment Iím developing a database of businesses which might recruit new young managers - itís a lot of work, but we are able to provide great opportunities for young managers.Ē


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