9th September 1999




Students at the Lincoln campus of the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside will have the chance to develop clubs and societies in a fully equipped office this semester.


ULH has made provision for an office and meeting room in the student village which will also be the permanent base for sports and recreation activities.


In a drive to encourage the development of more clubs and societies students will have access to seven computers and telephones in a space large enough to accommodate groups as they work on producing posters or publicity for their events.


The conversion is part of a £90,000 investment in Lincoln and Hull which also includes the total refurbishment of the union shop at the Brayford campus.


“Students will be able to develop new clubs and societies at the Lincoln campus and do the administration side of things in their own office with the facilities to make it a success,” said Students’ Union manager David Williams. “The new meeting room will give them the chance to get together to discuss their plans.”


Last year turnover in the union shop increased 80% on the previous year, so it has been refitted to expand what it offers and accommodate the extra 800 students expected this semester.




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