9th September 1999




A Lincoln professor helped to organise an international conference in China attended by 1,000 delegates involved in supporting management decisions through operational research.


Prof John Friend from the Centre for Applied Development Studies at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside has been building up a programme of work in Africa to help build capacities for participatory development in rural areas.


Prof Friend organised the international development stream of the conference when the International Federation of Operational Research Societies met in Beijing in August. 


He made two presentations based on the work of his centre at Lincoln, and also introduced his South African associate, Jackie Phahlamohlaka, who described a workshop that they had facilitated together for a voluntary organisation providing supplementary education for disadvantaged teenagers.


Contact was made with research centres with similar interests in India, China and other developing countries. Exchanges of staff and students are now likely to follow.


Next year, Prof Friend is looking forward to an extended visit from Pan Xiaoming of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who won the conference “OR in Development” prize for his work on forecasting the supply and demand for grain to feed China’s 1.2 billion population..




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