24th September 1999




The University of Lincolnshire & Humberside has hit back at suggestions that it is planning to move the Hull School of Architecture to Lincoln.


Its Vice Chancellor, Professor Roger King, told the Hull Daily Mail: “This is a non-story. Contrary to what I read in the newspaper yesterday there are no proposals to relocate the School of Architecture, and there is no mention of any such idea in the university’s draft corporate plan.”


Professor King added that he had contacted Councillor Doyle’s office on the matter and had indicated the true position. He also stressed the university’s long-term commitment to Hull, citing as evidence plans for a new multi-million pound campus at Island Wharf.


“Our aim is to provide first-class facilities for our students in the heart of Hull in order to secure a future for the university in the city,” he said.


“We know from our experience in Lincoln that new campus development can both attract students and benefit the local economy. Our firm intention is to build a new presence in the centre of Hull which is fit for the new century.


“Overall we intend to have a distinctive operation in both Hull and Lincoln, and both campuses will make an important contribution to our regional mission. We said when we first merged with Lincoln that we would build up new programmes, and we have been true to our word - new degrees in Lincoln include Journalism, Forensic Science, Neuroscience and Public Relations, to name but four.


“The article which appeared in the press yesterday had no basis. Individuals at our university may have informal discussions about the future, but the important thing for the people of Hull to know is that we have no plans to relocate the School of Architecture.”

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