10th August 1999




A new training scheme to help unemployed Lincolnshire people update their skills is being launched at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


‘Pathways to Employment’ offers training at the equivalent of NVQ level four and is absolutely free to all participating students unemployed and actively seeking work.

Courses in effective learning, employability, information technology and the Internet begin next month at the university’s Lincoln campus and at Lincolnshire Regional Access Centres throughout the county.


“The target group will be unemployed people throughout the county with qualifications and experience which are insufficient to enable them to obtain employment in the current job market,” said Sue Brisland, the project officer

co-ordinating ‘Hi Skills 2000 - Pathways to Employment’ for the university.


“Successful completion of the course after a minimum of 15 weeks of study will earn students a Certificate of Continuing Education from the university and a greatly improved chance of finding meaningful and rewarding employment,” Sue added.


Unique features of the scheme include financial help with travel arrangements and childcare, professional guidance and counselling and an interview with the Lincolnshire Careers and Guidance Service to develop a career action plan.


Courses begin on 20th September and comprise five units. Students study the Effective Learning Programme (learning skills, IT, presentation, writing and project management), Employability and Career Development (how to write a CV, how to prepare for interviews and study of the labour market) and two subject units (e.g. desktop publishing, introduction to media, information technology, food handling or others as appropriate to their career plans).


For further details contact Sue Brisland at the university’s Centre for Access and Lifelong Learning on 01522 886914 (e-mail:



For more information contact:


Jez Ashberry, Press and Media Relations Manager

University of Lincolnshire & Humberside

Tel: 01522 886042