16th August 1999





The Media Production Centre at the heart of Lincoln’s new university campus is at the cutting edge of broadcast technology and one of the most advanced centres of its type anywhere in the world.


The facility was opened to students last year (September 1998) and is the result of a unique collaboration between the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside and Sony Broadcast and Professional.


Sony has fitted the centre out with the latest digital video, audio presentation and TV technology and plans to make the university a Beta test site for its new high-tech equipment. The four-storey complex will also act as a training centre for the new digital Sony ES-3 EditStations, of which the university took the world’s first delivery last year.


Equipment in the Media Production Centre has been installed through partners Newland Electronics and Intergraph.


The new building, which also houses the university’s Learning Support Centre, contains:


·   four floors of multimedia workstations for the exclusive use of students

·   the latest digital video editing systems

·   two broadcast-specification television studios

·   audio recording studios

·   radio studios

·   multimedia suites


The centre’s primary focus is educational - it is used on a daily basis by the university’s Media Production, Journalism and Communications students. But the university is also well aware of the positive impact the facility can have on the media industry both locally and nationally.


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“We regard this as a long-term relationship which is mutually beneficial to all the partners,” explained Phil Cosker, director of external relations at the university’s Faculty of Arts and Technology. “With a media production centre of this complexity, quality and size we plan to become a key player in both the higher education and media industry sectors. The contribution that the partners make will, I am sure, be richly rewarded.”


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