25th August 1999




Healthcare experts at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside have been awarded a grant worth £10,000 to further develop a course in caring for the elderly.


The money will come from the York-based Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which has worked with the university on an open learning course geared to caring for the elderly in residential homes.


This latest grant will help the university to research and develop a new programme of open learning to complement the existing Certificate in Care course which was launched last year.


“The Joseph Rowntree Foundation recognises that this university lives up to its promises and they’re very happy to invest more money with us,” commented Prof Peter Birchenall, Director of Continuing Professional Development and Education in the university’s Faculty of Social and Life Sciences. “The important thing is that they trust us to deliver.”


Prof Birchenall will lead a team of academics from ULH and the University of Leeds which will publish a research document in March 2000.


After the success of its first year the Joseph Rowntree Certificate in Care is now being taken up on a national basis - BUPA’s first students will begin their course of study next month.


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