12 July 1999






Businesses will have the chance to catch up with what’s new in the environmental technology arena at a unique event being held in Lincolnshire later on this year.


The Environmental Technology Forum is being held at the Lincoln Campus of the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside on Tuesday 7th September 1999. The event has been organised by The Lincolnshire TEC Group (Lincolnshire Training & Enterprise Council and Business Link Lincolnshire) and the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside with the support of the Environment Agency and IEAM Ltd.


The Forum will combine presentations from key policy makers and experts in the UK and Europe with practical workshops and an exhibition of the latest innovations in environmental products and services.


Environment Minister, Michael Meacher MP and Carla de Vries-Hess from the European Union, will be among the key speakers and guests at the event.  These presentations will be satellite linked to a number of associated environmental forums taking place across the country.


Workshops will focus on the following topics:

·      Waste Minimisation

·      Waste exchange, PRNs, and Emissions Trading

·      Design for the Environment

·      Sustainable Management Systems

·      Contaminated Land Remediation


Dr Paul Barker, The Lincolnshire TEC Group’s Business Environment Counsellor, said that  the programme will appeal to a local and national audience:


“There will be an emphasis on communicating new approaches and showcasing innovative products and services which will place Lincolnshire at the forefront of developments in environmental technology.  There will be a varied mix of presentations covering issues of strategic importance to decision makers.  The Environmental Technology Forum will explore the challenges facing business and will help suggest new ways forward for the future.”  


Businesses can register for the Environmental Technology Forum by phone: 0181 682 2442, fax: 0181 682 3344, email: michelle@one-events.com or online via the Environmental Technology Forum website at www.envtech.co.uk 


For more information contact Dr Paul Barker on 0345 574000 or Chris Davis on 01522 886918.




1.   For more information or to arrange an interview contact Dr Paul Barker or Sue Taylor at The Lincolnshire TEC Group on 0345 574000.

2.   Please find enclosed a copy of the event programme for your information.