2nd July 1999




A mother of two had three major eye operations in four months but still went on to graduate with a 2:1 in Management Studies at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


Thanks to a lot of hard work, and with the help of course advocate Linda Loughlin, Margaret Birkett will take her place alongside her fellow graduates at the awards ceremony on 8th July.


It will be almost a year to the day that Margaret, from Messingham, near Scunthorpe, underwent transplant surgery after developing corneal dystrophy, an illness which seriously affects vision.


Her success was possible thanks to special software available from ULH’s Division of Assistive Resources and Technology (DART) which magnifies text and enabled Margaret get on with her work just like any other student.


One of the operations meant that Margaret needed to take six weeks off the course, but this failed to impede her progress.


“At one stage I could have given up,” said Margaret, who is married with two teenage sons. “But with Linda’s help and by using the magnifier I managed to complete my studies.”


Margaret got back into education with an HND in Business Studies at North Lindsey College where she will now take up a lecturing post after completing yet another course – this time a City & Guilds in teaching and lecturing.


“The challenge of going to university and doing it for myself was the biggest thing,” said Margaret. “To get a job as a result was just wonderful.”




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