19th July 1999




A globe-trotting lecturer is having another of his publications translated into Japanese after a successful trip abroad.


Prof Ian Colquhoun of the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside has returned from his 14-week tour of Japan and China where he lectured postgraduate students from all over the world and attended, by British standards, a very unusual graduation ceremony.


His first book to be translated was ‘Housing Design in Practice’ and this achievement was the result of the strong links Prof Colquhoun has established with academics and students from Chiba University, which he has visited three time since 1994.


Now Prof Colquhoun, who works in the Hull School of Architecture, is eagerly awaiting a return visit. “The Japanese love to travel so when you invite them to come over for a visit they almost always take you up on it,” said the professor.


His most recent book ‘The Royal Institute of British Architects Book of Twentieth Century British Housing’ is currently being translated.


Funded by the British Council, Prof Colquhoun visited Chiba in time to attend a graduation ceremony. “The ceremonies are very different to those experienced in Britain,” he said. “They are very informal and no hats or gowns are worn - often the female graduates come in the national dress, the kimono.”


Getting into university is also a very different experience - difficult national entrance examinations guarantee very intelligent students but can prove more onerous than achieving the degree itself, which is a straight pass or fail.


Prof Colquhoun also spent two weeks in China where he visited universities in Beijing and other regions, lecturing professional Chinese architects in a visit organised by the China Architectural Press.




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