9th June 1999





A Hull student who contacted NASA to discuss his dissertation on improving robotics in space will feature in a new engineering book.


Third-year boffin Andrew Stannard, 20, is on the BSc Computing programme at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside and is currently awaiting the result of his finals.


Beverley-born Andrew wrote to NASA to tell them what he hoped to gain from his dissertation on how robots can be improved to work more efficiently in space.


NASA engineer Yoseph Bar-Cohen picked up on Andrew’s idea to use smaller robots when exploring planets and will feature it in his new textbook - ‘Automation, Miniature Robotics and Sensors for Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation’.


“The idea is to make the robots smaller and lighter using lots of sensors so they can work well with other technologies during planetary exploration,” said Andrew, who attended Sydney Smith School in Hull.


Computing lecturer Terry Spencer said the university is proud of Andrew’s achievement. “We were impressed by the way he chose an unusual subject for his dissertation and went on to develop a relationship with NASA,” he added.




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