18th June 1999




An event to launch a new regional centre of excellence for training, education and business development in Scunthorpe will be held on 14th July.


Business people from across the area will get a taste of what will be on offer at the Kingsway Centre on Tanashori Way when it opens in September for a wide range of business support opportunities and training programmes for the town’s manufacturing and service industries.


Thanks to a partnership between the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside and North Lindsey College the new centre will provide a significant boost to local employers and other organisations as well as providing ideal facilities for conferences and seminars.


One example of this co-operation will be the launching of the Company Associate Partnership Scheme (CAPS) in the Scunthorpe area on 14th July. This will give local small and medium size enterprises the opportunity to avail themselves of European funding for employment of a graduate to help develop their full business potential.


A further opportunity will be training and development at all levels for all types of manufacturing processes, and funding for the government’s Skills Challenge will equip the centre with ‘state of the art’ facilities.


“This major investment in the people of Scunthorpe will have a tremendous impact on the town,” said a university spokesperson.


The project has been partly financed though the Regional Development Fund.




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