27th May 1999




Ex-offenders who are now working in the community will be the subject of a high-profile research project by Lincoln criminologists.


University of Lincolnshire & Humberside academics have secured £14,000 for an initiative in partnership with Lincolnshire TEC and the Probation Service.


Over the summer months the ULH team of criminologists will interview ex-offenders who have re-integrated into the workplace with the help of employment programmes to evaluate their success.


They will also talk to probation officers and staff working on the schemes to find out how successful they are in reducing re-conviction rates.


“A significant objective of the research is to measure re-conviction rates for those ex-offenders now participating in the programme, and for this we have been liaising with the Home Office,” said Criminology lecturer Katie Brown.


A research contract has also been secured with Urban Challenge to conduct a three-year evaluation of Lincoln’s crime reduction and disorder strategy.


The projects have helped put research in the university’s Faculty of Social & Life Sciences firmly on agenda. Staff partly attribute recent successes to the amalgamation of Criminology into the university’s Policy Studies Research Centre.




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