13th May 1999




Students on University of Lincolnshire & Humberside exchange programmes with American institutions are enjoying more than the academic benefits of studying abroad.


Pennsylvania is the home to Juniata, Shippensburg and Millersville Universities where students from a range of programmes in Lincoln are taking advantage of a transatlantic partnership.


Eight students are now on their way back to Britain after spending a full academic year studying in Pennsylvania and four returned at Christmas following a semester-long stay at Millersville University.


Principal lecturer in Tourism Pam Barnes co-ordinates the exchange programme on this side of the Atlantic. “We’ve been running this exchange programme very successfully since the mid-eighties,” she said. “The primary benefit to the students is on employability - time spent studying abroad looks very good on a CV and shows they are capable of coping with a different environment.”


International Relations student Robin Heason helped Juniata University to third place out of 182 in a nationwide competition which simulates the United Nations Security Council.  Robin and his American partner received a special commendation as a result of their work.


Students from the International Relations and International Tourism programmes must take part in an exchange as part of their studies but Mrs Barnes also allocates places to enthusiastic applicants from other courses.


On certain programmes such as Communications, students can replace the second year with a year in America where they study modules very close to those they would have taken up at home.


“The benefits to the students’ outlook are tremendous,” said Mrs Barnes. “They come back with new ideas and improved confidence which is a great help with the presentations they have to do back in Lincoln.” 




Sam Hendley, Press Officer. Tel: 01522 886042.