12th April 1999




If you spent your teenage years wearing spangly trousers and a feather boa and listening to the sounds of T-Rex and Thin Lizzy, then you may just be able to help an academic with her research.


Film and media lecturer Georgina Gregory is researching the visual culture of glam rock as part of her MA in Cultural Studies at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside


And she’s appealing to one-time glam rockers to get in touch with her with photographs or artefacts from the period to help with her research.


“I’m old enough to remember glam rock and I was a fan at the time it was all happening,” said Georgina, who teaches at the University of Central Lancashire.

“What I’m really interested is why in the early 1970s men started wearing women’s clothes and make-up. It was more than a desire to shock - it was a crisis of masculinity prompted by such things as abortion law, women’s rights and the legalisation of homosexuality.”


Georgina would like to hear from anyone who has pictures of themselves or their friends in glam rock gear or who has clothing and accessories surviving from the glam rock era.


She can be contacted on 0161 865 4955 or by email at g.gregory@uclan.ac.uk.


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