31st March 1999




A major conference on the future prospects of older people was hosted by the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside today.


The Millennium Debate of the Age is being co-ordinated by Age Concern to alert the government  and other agencies to the social implications of  a growing population of older people.


By 2020 every second adult in Europe will be over 50 years old, and by 2031 the proportion of people aged over 65 compared with those of working age will have doubled.


At the centre of today’s debate was the role of Lincolnshire as a rural community with disparate pockets of population and the resulting difficulty older people may face in accessing essential services.


Among the speakers at the Lincoln campus was Prof Gary Craig who co-ordinated the conference on behalf of the university and spoke about the policy issues surrounding the debate in Lincolnshire.


The Bishop of Lincoln, the Rt Rev Robert Hardy, opened the debate. “In the diocese we are working to encourage local volunteers in the county and are looking at the relationship between the voluntary sector and social services,” he said. “The pursuit of quality of life in a time of increased life expectancy must surely be a good objective for the new millennium.”


More than 150 delegates took part in the conference, representing many national and local groups concerned with the care of older people.




Note for Editors


A photograph of the Bishop, Prof Craig and the speakers is available on request.


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