5th February 1999





An academic from the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside is to be given honorary citizenship of a Druze community in Israel.


Dr Brian White, who oversees the MBA (Education Management) programme run by the university in Israel, will be presented with the honour on 15th February.


The honorary citizenship of Daliat El Carmel is being given in recognition of the work done by Dr White and his staff in building up the programme, which now has around 400 students at centres all over Israel.


“I’ve been travelling out to Israel to manage the project for about three years now,” said Dr White, who works in the Faculty of Business and Management. “Next week I’ll be making my twentieth visit to Israel, and I’ve estimated that I’ve spent a total of seven months working out there for the university!”


The MBAs are taught in English in eight different centres throughout Israel by staff who are flown out from the university’s campuses in Hull and Lincoln. “Flying nine or ten staff out to Israel and trying to visit all the various centres has been hectic, but it’s worked quite well,” said Dr White.


Around half of the 400 students currently enrolled will be graduating on 15th February at a ceremony which will also be attended by Professor John West-Burnham, Derek Bowden and university Pro Vice Chancellor Derek Crothall.


“The honorary citizenship is to say thank-you to everyone who’s been involved in delivering the programme,” said Dr White.


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