3rd February 1999





A report written by academics at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside to be published this week will recommend switching the school year from three to five terms.


‘Making a Break’ is the result of work by Professors Brent Davies and Trevor Kerry of the university’s International Educational Leadership Centre in Lincoln.


It will be distributed on Friday (5th February) to MPs, government departments, local education authorities (LEAs), university management studies departments and international management gurus.


The report includes case studies from three different schools and adds weight to the argument that the three-term school year - which derived from pre-Victorian patterns of agriculture - is outdated.


The proposed new system would split the school year into five terms, with children and teachers getting a four-week summer break rather than the present six-week holiday.


“Our research has indicated that alternative calendar systems can enhance learning methods and opportunities for all students, and especially for the most disadvantaged,” said Professor Kerry.


“Year-round systems in schools appear to have measurable, and possibly significant, effects on the quality of student learning, which is diminished in traditional schools as dictated by the agrarian calendar.”


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Jez Ashberry

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Or to interview Professor Trevor Kerry call him on 01522 688612.