10 February 1999





The cultures of Europe were brought closer to Scunthorpe children yesterday when French students and representatives of multi-national companies paid a visit to their school.


Frederick Clough pupils had a taste of the role tourism and industry play in bringing the diverse cultures together at the school’s European Tourism Day.


Four French students from the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside visited the school with Peter Forte of the Hull Business School to give the 240 Year 10 pupils a real insight into their culture.


Marie-Lorraine de Charnace, Antoine Maupate, Matthieu Floret and Haylee Bouscasse are studying a Business Administration course in Hull to top up the degrees they gained from the Paris university IUT de Sceaut.


Marie-Lorraine explained that she hoped the children would benefit from the experience in the same way she had from visiting Britain. “Coming to stay in Britain has really widened my understanding of its culture,” she said. “I would like the children here to learn that there are other cultures besides their own and that exploring them is a wonderful way to learn about the world and have new experiences.”


Together with representatives from local businesses who operate world-wide, the students joined in the group activities which included a project to market North Lincolnshire in the European community.




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