5th January 1998




Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott will launch the Virtual Trade Show - one of the first events celebrating Hull700 - at the Streetlife Museum in Hull.


The Hull Business School - part of the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside - has played a major role in the creation of both the Virtual Trade Show and the Hull700 website and will use the event to show local businesses how the Internet can be made to work for them.


Both Ian Perry, senior lecturer in Management Systems, and university governor Andrew Milner will be on hand when Mr Prescott launches the event (9am for 9.15am on Friday January 8th 1999).


“Our aim is to stimulate interest in the use of the Internet in the business community,” said Mr Perry. “We’ll be running some courses this year to help small and medium-sized enterprises to understand how easy it is to use the Internet.”


Other partners in the Virtual Trade Show and the Hull700 website include Kingston Internet, Kingston-upon-Hull City Council, Horus Communications and the Electro-Acoustic Ensemble.


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