25th January 1999




The public’s extraordinary response to the death of Diana, Princess of Wales will be examined in a lecture at the University of Lincoln on Wednesday (27th January).


Elizabeth Wilson, Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of North London, will seek to uncover the true meaning of the nationwide urge to mourn the death of the princess.


“The lecture will revisit the days after Diana’s death and try to have another look at what the nation’s reaction actually meant,” said Professor Wilson. “There was all this furore about her death and the nation was in mourning, but at the same time there was a submerged counter-feeling among people who felt quite alienated and baffled  by the whole thing.


“Princess Diana was a hook upon which people could hang their very confused feelings about where women and families are today,” added Professor Wilson. “We’re very confused about what women’s role should be in society.”


Last year Professor Wilson had an article published in a book on the subject entitled ‘After Diana’ (ed. Mandy Merck).  Her lecture will be given at 6pm in the Jackson Lecture Theatre on the university’s Lincoln campus, where entry is free of charge.


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