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Advice From Our Current Students

It is always good to talk to people who have lived in, or who are living in, the country you are travelling to, so that you can get some advice on what to expect when you arrive.

We asked our current students to share their experiences and send us advice which we could pass on to you.

All the information below has been collected from students who are studying here in Lincoln.

Our advice to you

“The weather can change quickly in the UK and September can be sunny or rainy. If you are travelling from a country with a hot climate, bring some thermals (warm underclothes) with you.  I always pack them in my hand luggage and put them on as soon as I get to the UK if it is cold!”

“You can buy stationery (pens, paper, notebooks etc) in the UK very cheaply so don’t weigh yourself down by packing a year’s supply in your luggage. Buy some when you get here.”

“I didn’t realise that distance in the UK is measured in miles and not kilometres! I thought 150 miles was a 150 kilometres and wondered why it was taking so long to travel to Lincoln!”

“Don’t bring loads of food with you. You can get ‘international’ food at local supermarket (Morrisons is good) or online. I’m from India and buy a lot of my food (big bags of rice, etc.) online.”

“You can buy most types of medicine here, like painkillers and cold remedies, so don’t pack lots in your hand luggage as you may get stopped at the airport and searched.”

“You may get a sore throat a few days after you get here but don’t panic, it may just be due to travelling and being in a different climate. But it’s also really important that you register with the Health Centre when you arrive. If you feel ill you should go to the doctor as soon as you can!”

“I found it expensive using my mobile phone which had been set up in my home country. When you get here check out the best deals for mobile phones and buy a cheap one for whilst you are in the UK.”

“If you wear glasses, make sure you bring a few pairs with you. You can probably buy them cheaper at home. It may take a while to get an appointment with an optician.”

“It is safe to drink cold water from the tap in the UK. I didn’t know for a long time! Don’t drink the hot water though – boil a kettle if you want a hot drink!”

“Bring a couple of UK electrical adapters with you.”

“If you are missing food from your home country, there are some good local restaurants you can go to! My favourite is the Royal Tandoori restaurant which is on the High Street.”