Where to Shop

As Lincoln is one of Britain’s smaller cities, most of the shops are within walking distance of your university and accommodation.



Lincoln has many supermarkets around the city, both large and small.  The smaller supermarkets are known as ‘Local’ or ‘Express’ branches.


Morrisons- Tritton Road Retail Park

A large supermarket about 10-15 minutes walk from the University campus, The Gateway, Saul House and University Courts.


Sainsburys Local - Carholme Road

Sainsburys Local is just a 5 minute walk from the University campus.  Close to the University Courts, Hayes Wharf and Cathedral Mews accommodation.


Tesco Express - There are two Tesco Express Supermarkets near the University and Student accommodation: 

  1.  High Street (near Danesgate accommodation)
  2. St Marks (near the Junxion and St Marks House accommodation).


Specialist Supermarkets (Chinese & Polish Supermarkets) - High Street

These supermarkets are also about 10-15 minutes walk from the Brayford campus.


The Central Market

The Cornhill is undergoing some refurbishment, however the Central Market is still open for you to buy local produce, including fruit and vegetables, meat and fish.


Clothes, Household Items and Gifts - The High Street

The main shopping area is located on the High Street. You can find out more about the variety of shops at ShopLincoln.co.uk.


Waterside Shopping Centre

On the high street you’ll also find the newly improved Waterside Shopping centre. Occasionally they hold a ‘student lock in’, which is late night shopping just for students, with discounts available. For more information about this shopping centre, visit the Waterside Centre website.


St Marks

Shops here include a clothing outlet store here, supermarket a catalogue order store and more. For more information, visit the St Marks website.


Tritton Retail Park and Valentine Retail Park

These larger stores are a 30-40 minute walk away from the University.  Shops range from supermarkets to discount and fashion stores.  You can find stores in this area on the map at the Shop Lincoln website.


Steep Hill

For smaller, independent boutique stores, make your way uphill. Steep Hill is approximately 20-30 minutes walk from the University..


Discounts for Students in Lincoln

Don’t forget your student card when you’re out shopping in Lincoln.  Many stores offer student discount with a student card.  Look for notices in shop windows advertising student discount.  If you’re not sure if the store offers student discount, politely ask one of the store assistants.