Culture Shock

What is 'Culture Shock'?

Life in the UK may be the complete opposite of life in your home country. The way people dress, speak and behave may be very different; the food available might be unusual and of course the weather in the UK can change frequently.  All these differences may cause you anxiety, stress and worry; this is culture shock. Don’t worry, everyone can experience culture shock and there are things you can do to help you cope with it.

If you are experiencing Culture Shock, there are online resources to help you understand how you can help yourself: 

Culture Shock can be minimised by becoming familiar with the national and local events and holidays that take place throughout the year.  A list of national events can be found on the British Council website.


Support Available at the University of Lincoln

  • The Student Wellbeing Centre.  If you are very unhappy, and need someone to talk to, the Student Wellbeing team can help.  For details about their services, visit the Student Wellbeing Centre website.
  • The English Language Centre (ELC).  You may find it helpful to attend the Culture and Conversation course provided by the English Language Centre. This course will help you better understand British culture, and provide the opportunity to meet other students from all over the world. For full details of this course visit the English Language Centre website.



It is normal to feel homesick (miss home) at first.  If you feel you can’t cope, or you are running out of energy and/or feel physically ill, we recommend that you talk to someone at the Student Wellbeing Centre.  The polite and friendly staff at the Student Wellbeing Centre will always be happy to help you; don’t be afraid to ask for support if you need it.

Contact the Student Wellbeing Centre.