Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes which involve on-the-job training to develop relevant skills and a recognised qualification whilst earning. The University of Lincoln offers apprenticeships in Food Manufacturing at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing, Management in the Lincoln International Business School, and in various subjects at the University Academy.

University Academy Holbeach Apprenticeships

University Academy Holbeach is an officially recognised training provider, delivering Level 2 and 3 apprenticeships in a wide range of subjects.

Intermediate, Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships

The National Centre for Food Manufacturing offers a range of Intermediate, Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships opportunities from level 2 to level 4.

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to combine working with studying for a work-based academic or vocational high-level qualification. Degree apprenticeships are a new type of programme being developed in partnership by employers, universities, and professional bodies. They offer students the opportunity to achieve a full bachelor's as part of their apprenticeship.

Degree apprenticeships combine working with studying part-time at university. Apprentices are employed throughout the programme, spending a proportion of their time at university and the rest with their employer. This may be on a day-to-day basis or in blocks of time, depending on the programme and requirements of the employer.

There is no tuition fee for higher or degree apprenticeships, as these costs are paid for by the employer.

Our Apprenticeships

The University of Lincoln offers a number of Higher and Degree Apprenticeship opportunities within Lincoln International Business School and the National Centre for Food Manufacturing.

ulimages_23860300957 Business

Lincoln International Business School offers the opportunity to study for a degree while gaining on-the-job experience and a professional pathway for future development.

Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship
Degree apprenticeships Food Manufacturing

The food industry is dynamic, fast-paced and high-tech and these apprenticeships offer students an opportunity to develop their careers in this sector.

Food Engineering, Science, Technology and Manufacturing

Career Opportunities

Career progression opportunities will vary depending on students' employers and their contract. A number of higher and degree apprenticeship schemes are designed to develop the leaders and managers of the future. Students can develop the essential skills and knowledge required to become valuable employees, and the experiences students can gain as an apprentice may provide opportunities towards promotions and higher level work and study opportunities.

For more information you can contact our dedicated careers and employability team who can offer guidance and advice. Further information on the opportunities, progression and benefits of doing a higher or degree apprenticeship can be found on the GOV.UK website.

How to Apply

The best starting point when searching for apprenticeship vacancies is the Find an Apprenticeship tool. Some employers will ask you to apply directly to them. You can also search for apprenticeship vacancies through employer websites, and on both The Student Room and UCAS websites.

General Apprentice Enquiries

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Information for Employers

If you are interested in finding out more about how one of our higher or degree apprenticeships can help your business, please contact our Research and Enterprise Services team.

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