Welcome to our Postgraduate Community

When you enrol on a postgraduate course at the University of Lincoln, you will join a friendly and supportive community and, in addition to the services all students enjoy here, you will be able to access special facilities and events just for postgraduate students.

We have a well-equipped postgraduate common room where you can relax, socialise or discuss academic projects with other postgraduate students. Through the Students' Union students on taught postgraduate courses benefit from a student representative whose task it is to represent your views to the University. You may wish to consider putting yourself forward for election to be a student rep for your course. Even if you have been away from studying, you will get back into the swing of things once again.

Read one student's account of returning to University to study a different discipline at Master's level.

"It is important to us that as a postgraduate student you not only become fully engaged in your course, but that you become part of the wider University postgraduate community, which is why we offer a full programme of events for you during Welcome Week. Postgraduate study is a hugely important step, where the fundamentals of your undergraduate education are further developed. You may be extending the knowledge and skills from your first degree, or you may be changing discipline. Either way, your period of study should be an enormously enriching one and I would encourage you to take full advantage of your time here."

Professor Duncan French, Dean of Taught Postgraduate study.