Dance Student

Audition Information for Drama and Dance Applicants

Following your UCAS application submission, our Admissions Department will review your application, then forward all eligible applications to the School of Fine & Performing Arts.

From there you will be invited to an interview, in the case of Drama, and an interview and audition, in the case of Dance. Your interview/audition date and time can then be found on your UCAS Track.

How should I prepare for the interview/audition day?

One way that applicants can demonstrate their interest in the subject is by seeing as much theatre/dance as they can prior to the interview, and being prepared to discuss it critically. Candidates can also show their passion for the subject by being able to reflect meaningfully on their own experiences of studying and performing their chosen subject. It is also advisable for applicants to carry out some research about the department to which they are applying so that they are more confident in discussing what they are proposing to study.

What will my audition include?

Dance applicants: It will include a brief contemporary dance class, a solo dance piece and a group interview. There will be an opportunity to tour our building with current students. This will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have directly with students already on the programme. It will be possible to address any confidential issues on a one to one basis with the staff member after the group interview, if required.

Drama applicants: There are no auditions for drama applicants. Instead, there is an individual formal interview with a lecturer that will last between fifteen and twenty minutes.

What will I need to wear for the day?

Dance applicants should dress with appropriate dance wear e.g. tights, leotards or tracksuit bottoms. Changing rooms are available.

What will I need to prepare?

Dance applicants: You will be asked to perform a solo piece (no longer than 3 minutes), please bring music on CD, iPod or mp3 player (if required). We prefer that your solo is something you created yourself and is in a contemporary dance style. Please bring a passport sized photo to your workshop

Drama applicants: You should be prepared to talk about aspects of drama that you are interested in. This may involve performances that you have seen or plays that you have read. Additionally, along with the email that invites you to an interview, you will receive a short extract from an introductory textbook to the field of theatre, drama and performance. We ask that you read this excerpt and come to the interview prepared to discuss any aspect of it that you found stimulating or provocative.

Where is my audition/interview going to be held?

The auditions are held at our Brayford Campus at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. Please come to the Zing Café in the LPAC building at the audition time sent via UCAS Track. A member of the team will collect you from there.

How do I get to the university?

We have provided travel directions, and maps here.

Are parents welcome?

Yes. Whilst auditions and interviews take place, parents are welcome to visit the campus, view the sights of Lincoln or wait in our Zing Café. Along with the tour of the facilities and the introductory speech, you can expect the audition and interview process to take around two to three hours in total.

Is there any parking available? 

The University does not have onsite parking available; however, across from the campus there is a retail park with pay and display parking, or NCP car parks within a five-minute walk.

When do I find out if I have been offered a place?

We do endeavour to notify applicants of our decision following auditions as quickly as possible. Please keep checking your UCAS Track after your interview day.