Foyer/Supported Housing Bursary

Who is it for?

The Foyer/Supported Housing Bursary is for students who enrol at the University who have come directly from living in a Foyer or other supported housing, where they have lived between the ages of 16 to 18. Each year the Foyer Federation inform the University of students who intend to enrol directly from living in a Foyer.

Bursary Amount

These Bursaries are funded through the University of Lincoln Hardship Fund. The total award per year is £1,000 which is paid in 3 termly instalments (subject to attendance checks). Students should apply each year.

How to Apply

There is a short application form which students should complete (email for a copy) and evidence will be needed to show when they in supported housing and any benefits they received.

You cannot be awarded both the Blackburn Bursary and Foyer/Supported Housing Bursary.